“Jenn, you are one of the most conscientious sellers I've come across. Plus you are so sweet on a consistent basis!”
- Cindy, Artfire Buyer

“My granddaughter loves it!! Thanks for making it "her size"!! “ - Janna from Etsy

“Jenn, I love my perfect little avatile!!! It's adorable. Thanks so much, I'll be ordering MORE! xxoo” - Holly from SpoiledBratzWear

“My fave! Love it!” - J, Etsy Buyer

“Jenn, I love the custom pendant you made for me - it is perfect!”- Marion from Artfire

“Super fast shipping! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!” - Etsy Buyer

“Absolutely GORGEOUS!! Great service, FAST shipping - beautiful work!! I'll be back for more!! Thank you!”
- BWDesigns (Custom Order), Artfire

“All I can say is WOW!!! This is one of the MOST beautiful pieces I have ever purchased - wonderful seller, great communication and gorgeous work!!!! Thank you!!” - Judith (Custom Order), Artfire

“I love it! Thanks!” - Etsy Buyer

“I received my pendant today and it arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much... it's beautiful and I love it!!!”
- Custom Order, Artfire

"This turned out better than I could have imagined! Even the packaging is A++++! I LOVE IT!! THANKS NINJA!!" - Laura (Avi-Tiles Custom Order), Artfire

"Ninja, so sorry it took me so long to tell you how much I love my cats! I guess it never occurred to me there were 2 pages of purchases! This is purrrrrrfect!" - Ali, Artfire Buyer

"absolutely gorgeous. I will wear her proudly...thanks Jenn" - Joy, Artfire Buyer

14 April 2009

The Face Behind the (Ninja) Mask

It's been a little under three months since I started writing this blog, and I've gotten to know a few of you quite well through your comments, emails, forum posts, and the like. But I don't feel like many of you know much about me.

I considered doing one of those little wildly popular memes where you list x number of facts about yourself and then tag x number of people hoping they will do the same. But then I remembered that I hate those things. I hate feeling like I'm guilting my friends into divulging information or writing lists (or a combination of the two).

To be honest, the more I think about listing out facts about me, the more I wander if anyone will even care. So here's what I'm gonna do: If you guys want to know something about me, you have to leave a comment and make up one random fact about me. It can be something funny, something serious, something totally random... whatever you choose. For every "fact" you guys provide, I will provide a real fact in reply.

If you want to know more than one thing, leave more than one fact. And if you are content to let me continue being a faceless ninja, then feel free to say that as well!

I can't wait to see what "facts" you all can come up with!

p.s. I've also decided that the fact that makes me laugh the hardest will get a surprise gift. So be creative! I know you have it in you! :wink:


Unknown April 14, 2009 at 11:57 AM  

Ninja looks like David Carradine!

Ninja Jenn™ April 14, 2009 at 12:20 PM  


that may be a hard one to beat for funniest fact!! way to set the bar high!

REAL fact:

Ninja is 33 years old, 5'10", with blonde hair and blue eyes

so who's next?


Diana April 14, 2009 at 12:25 PM  

Ninja is going to strangle AF if they don't hurry up... (you know what I mean) heheh couldn't resist..

Really, Ninja is very caring and sensitive.

Ninja Jenn™ April 14, 2009 at 12:29 PM  

oooh... nightmaiden may actually KNOW the ninja! LOL

cause those are real facts! :0)

another real fact:

Ninja was raised an only child, but she has 5 half-siblings she found out about when she turned 18.


Creative Cove Jewelry Designs April 14, 2009 at 12:35 PM  

Ninja has a bf that she calls gooner, who knows why who wants to be a Dr. She likes her meat rare, well, she likes her meat!She once left plurk for over an hour to eat and came back and still had not eaten. She makes tile pendants that are beautiful. She has a huge heart and is a peacemaker. She has many artistic venues, including painting on wood, she is OCD and likes her money to be all the right direction. She still lives at home, and it really doesn't bother her. She has cattle roaming behind her house. I think that's all I can think of right now, might think of more later! She has a huge heart, and if you needed something she would do her darndest to help you get it!

Ninja Jenn™ April 14, 2009 at 12:42 PM  

wow cove! that's a lot of facts you got right! and that's a LOT of facts to respond to... so let's see...


1. Ninja's favorite color is green.

2. Ninja loves all kinds of music (except polka and hardcore gangsta rap).

3. Ninja loves to cook.

4. Ninja has one cat and one dog (but the dog is currently being held hostage by her ex).

5. Ninja has a rare blood disorder that makes her blood not clot... so she has to be careful when using her ninja powers.

6. Ninja used to be a used car saleswoman.

7. Ninja's favorite job ever (besides her current one!) was running a bar in the mountains of NC.

p.s. you only get 7 cause i don't REALLY have cows behind my house! LOL


Diana April 14, 2009 at 12:48 PM  

Ninja does have real ninja powers and she could take on Chuck Norris because only true ninja can fight in high heels...

Ninja Jenn™ April 14, 2009 at 12:59 PM  


and we have another contender in the funny fact category!!!

REAL fact:

Ninja owns over 500 pairs of high heels but lives in her flip flops or her bare ninja feetz


LaDeDaCreations April 14, 2009 at 1:05 PM  

In 1999 Ninja graduated from NASA's secret program that trains ninjas to fight aliens. She graduated with honors and has since gone on to work at area 51. Not only does she fight the bad aliens that threaten to take over the world, she teaches a crafting and blogging class to the good aliens so they can sign up at Artfire and she can get that free ride status!
Here's to you ninja and all your hard work!

Ninja Jenn™ April 14, 2009 at 1:21 PM  


another contender!!!!

awesome "fact" lade!!!

REAL fact:

Ninja has a degree in business, a degree in accounting, and does nothing with either :P


Vintage Jewelry Collector April 14, 2009 at 2:07 PM  

Ninja Jenn is a true ninja master with a specialty in the practice of illusion. She is a time traveler and her beautiful pendant making skills were learned while making shobos and suntetsus which she has used to fight against trolls of all shapes and sizes while remaining sweet and kind.

Diana April 14, 2009 at 2:26 PM  

This one comes from my hubby...

Ninja is actually a traitor to her own kind. She really thinks pirates are way cooler than ninjas.

catinalife April 14, 2009 at 6:07 PM  

I think she will run for president some day.....she secretly defend the Empire by herself...only she knows! I wonder what she was in another life perhaps...like me..hehe

didn't want to say anything embarrassing before I am not as creative as some..

Unknown April 14, 2009 at 7:08 PM  

Ninja has webbed toes, fur and a duck bill..like a platypus LOL
and apparently she is 1 day shy of a year younger than me (but that is true not made up- if FB is correct)

angst4less April 14, 2009 at 7:48 PM  

holy crap!! LaDe stole my area 51 bit!! Dunno how you pulled that off..had to do a rewrite!

In her youth NinjaJenn together with her sister NinjaJann travelled Tortuga and terrestrial territories tropical as "The Totally Tubular Twins" part of a touring technical tap group. A guest spot on the ill-fated Donny & Marie Christmas Special rocketed this talented young tapper to fame as the top hatted tapping IBS fairy for an Imodium commercial. It was this commercial which got her the stint as the stunt double for Xena the warrior princess where Ninjajenns extensive martial arts training was put to good use. After The cancellation of Xena, NinjaJenn decided to retire and live the peaceful life of a recluse with her 57 cats, a dachsund named "MAX" and something called a Gooner which one can only infer must be related to her days at the area 51..uh..STUDIO 51 Test FacilityERUH...disco.

Ninja Jenn™ April 14, 2009 at 7:51 PM  


you guys are getting better as you go!

now i am REALLY gonna have a hard time choosing!

and it looks like i owe you 4 more facts (correct me if i miscounted, please):

1. Ninja used to be a "kandi raver" (google it if you want a good laugh)

2. Ninja drives a vw jetta which she affectionately calls "the vee dub jedi"

3. Ninja has no tattoos

4. Ninja is crack addicted to the shows Heroes, Carnivale, and Twin Peaks

(you guys are making me have to really think to come up with stuff at this point! i am TRULY impressed!)


Ninja Jenn™ April 14, 2009 at 7:53 PM  

dang it! angst snuck one in on me! and it's a good one so it deserves at least 2 more facts!

1. Ninja once got so aggravated with trying to fix her hair she took a razor and shaved it bald... and she wore it like that for almost a year!

2. Ninja wants to be Tina Fey when she grows up *SIGH*


Craftnique April 14, 2009 at 10:28 PM  

The truth is that Ninja Jenn use to be a Power Ranger. She then met the Ninja Turtles (she was the 5th turtle) and became Ninja Jenn.

Jazzy Jemz April 15, 2009 at 2:21 AM  

You are smart.

You know some form of martial arts.

You are fabulous!

Your name is Jenn.

You own a cat.

You read books.

You love to make people laugh.

Ninja Jenn™ April 15, 2009 at 3:52 AM  

hi craftnique and jazzy jemz!

looks like i owe you guys a total of 8 more facts! (boy my brain is aching! LOL)

here you go:

1. Ninja suffer from pretty severe insomnia.

2. Ninja once had an imaginary friend that wouldn't talk to her.

3. Ninja is on at least 6 social networking sites (probably more but those are the first that come to mind LOL).

4. Ninja refuses to harm any living creature unless it directly threatens her/someone she loves (including spiders and other creepy crawlies).

5. Ninja's lucky number is 3.

6. Ninja believes wholeheartedly in God.

7. Ninja also believes in ghosts.

8. Ninja's favorite movie is "Life is Beautiful".

whew! i almost couldn't do it! LMAO


Anonymous,  April 17, 2009 at 11:09 AM  

"Master Ninja Blogger"

Ninja Jenn™ April 22, 2009 at 2:46 AM  


real fact: Ninja's best friend in the entire world is her mom!


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