“Jenn, you are one of the most conscientious sellers I've come across. Plus you are so sweet on a consistent basis!”
- Cindy, Artfire Buyer

“My granddaughter loves it!! Thanks for making it "her size"!! “ - Janna from Etsy

“Jenn, I love my perfect little avatile!!! It's adorable. Thanks so much, I'll be ordering MORE! xxoo” - Holly from SpoiledBratzWear

“My fave! Love it!” - J, Etsy Buyer

“Jenn, I love the custom pendant you made for me - it is perfect!”- Marion from Artfire

“Super fast shipping! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!” - Etsy Buyer

“Absolutely GORGEOUS!! Great service, FAST shipping - beautiful work!! I'll be back for more!! Thank you!”
- BWDesigns (Custom Order), Artfire

“All I can say is WOW!!! This is one of the MOST beautiful pieces I have ever purchased - wonderful seller, great communication and gorgeous work!!!! Thank you!!” - Judith (Custom Order), Artfire

“I love it! Thanks!” - Etsy Buyer

“I received my pendant today and it arrived in perfect condition. Thank you so much... it's beautiful and I love it!!!”
- Custom Order, Artfire

"This turned out better than I could have imagined! Even the packaging is A++++! I LOVE IT!! THANKS NINJA!!" - Laura (Avi-Tiles Custom Order), Artfire

"Ninja, so sorry it took me so long to tell you how much I love my cats! I guess it never occurred to me there were 2 pages of purchases! This is purrrrrrfect!" - Ali, Artfire Buyer

"absolutely gorgeous. I will wear her proudly...thanks Jenn" - Joy, Artfire Buyer

05 May 2009

Supply Sellers Deserve Love, Too!

Lately I've been doing a lot of online window shopping. And, as usual, I find myself going time and again to supply shops, searching for something unique and inspirational to get my craft mojo going. But tonight, as I was doing just this, I thought "Why don't I ever feature any supply sellers on my blog?"

Part of me thinks that it's because most supply sellers tend to blend into the background, quietly doing their own little thing, never demanding much attention from the masses. Another part of me worries that I've been subconsciously brainwashed to believe that supply sellers are somehow inferior. That's the part that scares me!

I want to say right here and now that I would never purposefully think or say that about any supply seller! And, honestly, I don't really believe most of us feel that way. But yet we treat them that way, don't we? We never make spotlights about them. We don't extol their praises in the forums. We don't even usually twitter or Plurk about them (unless they happen to be on the Crazy Train).

Based on this, I've made a desicion. I'm going to start finding my favorite supply(s) each week, and doing a regular feature of my favorites from around the web. The way I see it is, it wouldn't be much fun trying to craft without supplies, and where better to get those supplies than within our own handmade community, right?

So here are my first submissions for Super Supply Sellers Day around here. All of them were found on Artfire, and you can click each picture to take you to the seller's site. Also, hovering over the pictures will create a pop up telling you why I chose each item!

I'd also like to propose that each of you take a minute today to find a supply seller (or three) and give them a little promotional boost by tweeting, plurking, or blogging about them. After all, they do deserve our love, too, right?


Unknown May 5, 2009 at 1:47 PM  

That's awesome that you are honoring the supply sellers!

Ninja Jenn™ May 5, 2009 at 1:49 PM  

Thanks, Liberty!

I think they're far too often overlooked, but I really DO appreciate them!


WillowWalker May 5, 2009 at 2:04 PM  

Definitely a great idea!

Distinctive Delights May 6, 2009 at 9:15 AM  

If it wasn't for them we would not have no supplies to create. I usually puchase all of my supplies from sellers on artfire and etsy. I find it so much easier to buy and support the causes. Great idea

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